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  • GRAW is highly unusual because there are three versions of the game, one for PS2 and Xbox, one for PC, and one for Xbox 360 and there are minor differences in the storyline and missions.
  • The gameplay puts emphasis on making the player do all of the fighting while AI teamates come along and offer minor help. Unlike in previous Ghost Recon games, the player only controls the squad leader, but the player can issue commands to AI-controlled teamates to maneuver them indirectly.
  • Combat in GRAW is much more forgiving than previous Ghost Recon games because the player can often survive several bullets before dying, instead of dying after only a few shots like the rest of the Ghost Recon games. However, the player cannot restore health in the middle of a mission, and a single headshot or burst from an assault rifle will kill the player, so the game still relies more on tactical combat than normal arcade-style shooting.
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online Hack Online or GRO is a free-to-play shooter. All the weapons, gear, and abilities can be permanently purchased using Requisition Points (RP) or Ghost Coins (GC). These are the two currency types in the game. Requisition Points (RP) are earned by playing the game and completing daily missions and events, and then there’s Ghost Coins (GC) which are bought with real money. The later option is available to support the game, and offers an alternative to having to grind in order to purchase weapons, gear, and abilities that the player may want.

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